Mon02 September 2019 - Fri 06 September 2019
Riva del Garda, Italy
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35th International Conference on Alpine Meteorology

This Conference is the 35th of a series initiated in 1950 in Milan for the initiative of prof. Mario Bossolasco, professor of terrestrial physics at the University of Genoa, and held every two year thereafter.

The Conference welcomes contributions on all aspects of mountain meteorology and climatology, as well as their interactions with the environment and related applications: - Dynamics of dry and moist orographically forced airflow - Boundary layer processes over complex terrain - Orographic clouds and precipitation - Recent and future field campaigns - Challenges in weather forecasting in mountainous areas - Numerical weather prediction over complex terrain (incl. data assimilation and predictability studies) - Mountain climates and impacts of climate change - Meteorological processes affecting air quality, water resources, renewable energy harvesting, ecosystems, urban environment, infrastructures.