Thu24 October 2019 - Thu 24 October 2019
Avignon, France
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AlpBioEco Workshop: Cross-industrial Innovation in the Apple and Herb Value Chain, Avignon, France

On Wednesday, 24th of October 2019 the project partner Terralia will host a workshop in collaboration with the Management Centre Innsbruck. On the basis of eco-innovative product ideas and business models which were developed in the previous workshops, the aim of the new workshop is to find regional, cross-industrial solutions for the development of apple and herb products and eco-innovative business models. 


The workshop will focus on the concrete further development of ideas that have already been generated in the previous workshop round 1. Ideas and analyses for new product developments could be extended, discussed and selected. On the basis of these results, the

Workshop participants further develop concrete business models and discuss it in terms of their suitability for practice.


Why should you (again) participate?


You should participate in this workshop if you ...

o ... want to influence the sustainable development of the Alpine region.

o ...want to contribute to the development of eco-innovative business models.

o ...develop and market new products from apples and walnuts

o information with other experts and share creative ideas on bioeconomics.

to develop a new product.

o ...would like to stay up to date with the latest developments in the area of


o ...would like to expand your interdisciplinary and supraregional network.


Where and When?


Date: 24th of October 2019

Time: 09:30 - 17:00

Location: Terralia, Avignon

Value Chains: Apples and Herbs

Registration: via E-mail or

Workshop Language: French 


Travel expenses can be refunded.


Picture © AlpBioEco