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It's time for results!
May / June 2019
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What have our projects achieved?

In the first half of 2019, the programme entered a new phase as the first projects ended their activities. They have produced results in a number of different fields. Read more about the achievements of our projects and how much fun it can be to work in a transnational team!

Highlights of closed projects

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Project in the spotlight: C-TEMAlp

We asked the project managers of C-TEMAlp, Maria Sole D'Orazio and Ivan Boesso, to tell us about their experiences and the impact of the project, which ended in late 2018. Here are their answers:


What did your project change in the Alpine Space?
"With more than 600 companies involved in our activities and 400 experts and business support organisations in the community, we demonstrated that business transfer is a challenge for the Alpine Space but can also be an opportunity when pooling the resources available in the whole area."


How are your project outputs used?
"The outputs are used in many ways. At operational level, the organisations that signed the memorandum of understanding offer the services and use the cooperation model we validated in C-TEMAlp as well as the business transfer marketplace we developed. At EU policy level, for example, the involvement of DG Grow fostered the introduction of the topic of business transfer into the Annual Guidance Note of the Enterprise Europe Network. In Slovenia, the national initiative "Establishment of National Entry Point for business transfers" was launched and integrated the development of a voucher support system for companies developed in C-TEMAlp."

What was the funniest experience you had within your partnership?

"C-TEMAlp created a lot of good memories for us, as strong relationships were built among the C-TEMAlp team. We laughed a lot. Indeed, we started with a cooking competition as team-building exercise. Then we had to set up an "emergency task force" in the middle of a meeting to release a partner blocked in Maribor by the local police due to speeding. Finally, during the evening of the last conference, the German host organised a DinnerHopping tour for us all to enjoy Munich together."

Help our projects become Regiostars!

We are proud to announce that two of our projects are participating in the Regiostars awards 2019,  the annual European Commission competition rewarding excellence and new approaches in regional development. Give them a like below and help them win the public choice award or even become a Regiostar!


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The two projects are competing in the following categories: LOS_DAMA focuses on green infrastructure and runs for the award in category 2 “Connecting green, blue and grey”. PlurAlps is a contestant in category 3 “Combatting inequalities and poverty”, for its efforts on integrating migrants and on promoting pluralism.

Fourth call for project proposals: 33 applications received

The 33 projects selected for step 2 of the fourth call submitted their applications by the deadline on 5 June. The applications will be assessed in the coming weeks. The programme committee will decide on the proposals at the committee meeting on 1-2 October.

Alpine Space programme 2021+: Programming process kicked-off

The programme has officially launched the programming process for the Alpine Space programme 2021-2027. A task force, consisting of delegates from all partner states and observers from the European Commission and the Alpine Convention met for the first time on 14-15 May in Salzburg, Austria.


The EUSALP executive board will nominate an observer for future meetings to ensure a good coordination between the programme and the macro-regional strategy.


The drafting of the cooperation programme of the next period as well as the accompanying strategic environmental assessment (SEA) will be supported by external experts.


You can also check the ASP 2021+ section on the programme website to keep informed on the status of the programming process.

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