2020: Time to celebrate!
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January-February 2020
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2020: Interreg turns 30


Interreg started in 1990 to fund cooperation beyond borders and support partners from different countries to tackle common challenges and create opportunities for a better future. Interreg Alpine Space contributed in this success story with 177 projects co-financed since 2000. One of these projects – LOS_DAMA! – illustrates the topic “GREEN” of the Interreg 30 years campaign launched by the European Commission (watch the campaign video here).


2014-2020: 64 projects have increased the quality of life of Alpine citizens and visitors


2020: time to look back on our project partners´ achievements with the launch of our project output library!

Explore this ever-growing collection and get familiar with the wide range of our projects’ productions.


We invite you to celebrate these achievements with us and the other programmes all along 2020!

Get involved with us here, or with the hashtag #Interreg30.


Explore the Alpine Space output library!

We are pleased to present you the Alpine Space project output library!


This dynamic tool gathers the main outcomes from our projects: strategies, policy recommendations, practical guidelines, maps or platforms etc. With 29 projects now closed, numerous guidance documents and tools developed since 2014 are now available. Further projects will feed the library with their contributions, making it the main place to find our project outputs.


Discover this wealth of information and browse through the achievements of our projects by topics of interest, target groups or contribution to EUSALP action groups...

Project achievements

An overview of the project achievements you can find in our output library!

Highlights of closed projects







Alpine Space projects at the kick-off of EUSALP French presidency

2020 is the year of the French Presidency of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region, whose main priority is to speed up the ecological transition of the Alpine region to better tackle climate change. The kick-off event on 4 February 2020 in Lyon brought together about 200 stakeholders from different sectors and regions in the Alps. They discussed sustainable tourism, educating the youth on the specificities of mountain regions or conserving biodiversity, etc.


Alpine Space projects are closely associated to these challenges and actively contributed to the French launch event. Dedicated stands showcased the results of the projects  AlpFoodway, ASTUS, CaSCo, DuALPLus, GreencycleLOS_DAMA  and SMART-SPACE. AlpFoodway and YOUrALPS are also prominently featured in the trailer of the French Presidency 2020: "Working together for a sustainable Alpine Region".




Alpine Space projects fighting Climate Change

Interreg projects are at the forefront of protecting and adapting Europe against the challenges of climate change. Numerous cross-border and transnational projects are taking action to save energy, reduce carbon emissions or adapt public policies. The new brochure published by Interact sheds light on these initiatives: "Interreg addressing Climate Change: the power of cooperation for a Greener Europe".


Prepared by the thematic network on climate change and risks, the brochure gathers emblematic Interreg projects addressing climate change throughout Europe. The Alpine Space programme is part of this endeavour with two projects featured in the brochure: CaSCo (reduction of CO2 emissions in timber industry) and GoApply (multi-level and transnational governance of climate change adaptation).

News on the future: programming 2021-2027


The programming process of the Alpine Space 2021-2027 moves steadily forward. At its last meeting on 28 January in Vienna, the Task Force further discussed the drafting of the cooperation programme as well as possible forms of support to EUSALP governance.


Regarding the funding priorities in the next period, discussions are ongoing based on the policy objectives proposed by the European Commission. The idea is to focus the next programme on priorities in which the biggest impact can be achieved. The territorial dimension is also essential and should clearly appear in the proposed cooperation programme.


The draft cooperation programme will be further discussed at the next Task Force meeting in March 2020 in Munich. It will also be the basis for the consultation events that will take place in each Alpine country from March to May 2020. These stakeholder dialogues will bring together interested actors or (potential) beneficiaries of the programme to share their opinions on the Alpine Space 2021-2027. Their feedback will be collected on the content of the next programme as well as on its procedures (e.g. type of projects) and considered in the development of the cooperation programme.

Interested in joining or knowing more? Have a look at the national events announced below or visit the page dedicated to the future programme 2021+ here!

Matchmaking and Communication for the Alpine Climate
MELINDA Mid-Term Conference on App- and Browser Based Mobility Services
Alpine Space stakeholder event in Zurich, Switzerland (cancelled)
Alpine Space stakeholder event in Salzburg, Austria (cancelled)
Alpine Space stakeholder event in Stuttgart, Germany (cancelled)
Alpine Space stakeholder event in Verona, Italy
Alpine Space stakeholder event in Besançon, France (cancelled)
Alpine Space stakeholder event in Valence, France (cancelled)
Alpine Space stakeholder event in Munich, Germany (cancelled)
Alpine Space stakeholder event in Bled, Slovenia (cancelled)
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