Public consultation
14 20
Open until 14 September!
Special issue: public consultation
Low Carbon

Dear Alpine stakeholders,


We would like to remind you that the public consultation about the programme for the 2021-2027 period will close within two weeks, and all interested parties who have not had the chance to do it are hereby invited to make their views known before the closing date.


The public consultation offers an opportunity to voice concerns and expectations about the policy and specific objectives, but also the steps required to preserve the natural assets of the programme area.


Please make yourself familiar with the latest version of the Interreg programme as well as the draft report on the strategic environmental assessment before answering the questionnaire. You are welcome to review one or both of the documents.



The closing date for responses to the consultation is 14 September 2020. For further details about the consultation, please follow this link:


Should you have any question on this consultation process, please do not hesitate coming back to us at


We thank you in advance for your time and valuable input.

The Interreg Alpine Space Joint Secretariat


European Regional Development Fund