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Full swing ahead!
February - March 2021
Low Carbon

The year of transitions is in full swing, offering an exceptional variety of (online) events and great progress in both the current Interreg Alpine Space 2014-2020 and the future programme 2021-2027!


During the last couple of months, the Interreg Alpine Space 2021-2027 took decisive steps forward in defining its thematic priorities for a more sustainable, resilient and innovative Alpine region! It is now time to bring together all interested stakeholders to further discuss the challenges of the area and how they can be tackled through cooperation. We therefore warmly invite you to participate in the Connect @lpine Space 2021+ online sessions on 05, 10 and 12 May 2021.


At the same time, the Interreg Alpine Space 2014-2020 projects AlpBioEco, AlpLinkBioEco, ASIS, BB-Clean, trAILsSmartVillages and ATLAS are closing their activities in the first half of 2021. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in some of the final conferences, many of them will take place (online) in the next couple of weeks! Check out the calendar below for further information.


In this newsletter, we will share some highlights from both the past two months and the upcoming weeks. Read more about the projects BE-READI ALPS, SaMBA, trAILs and ARDIA-NET, get a taste of the programming period 2021-2027 and find out more about our online events Connect @lpine Space 2021+.

Youth have their say: Involving young people in the Alpine region

In the framework of the 2nd Macro Regional Strategies Week from 1 to 5 March, youth.shaping.EUSALP participated in the #EUMRSWeek’s youth dialogue. Young representatives from each of the four macro-regional strategies promoted initiatives and submitted questions and ideas to representatives of the European Commission and to the EUSALP French Presidency 2021. This year again, the fully-digital #EURMRSWeek was a great opportunity to connect to people across Europe and foster exchange between different regions and programmes.


Young people from each of the seven Alpine countries and aged between 18 and 29 can apply for becoming a member of the newly initiated EUSALP Youth Council. Participants can get involved in the development of Alpine-wide policies and projects that address the most pressing challenges facing the Alpine region. The application deadline is 16 May 2021.


Interact online trainings

“How to lobby for your Interreg results?” is a question that is answered in one of the Interact online courses. On the online learning platform, you can find tailor-made courses for the Interreg community, bringing together expertise from all over Europe and from different types of stakeholders. The courses take between 35 minutes and two days and cover a broad range of topics, from communication training to project management. Once you have signed up for the platform, you can flexibly access any course, no matter the time and location. Check out the course catalogue for more information.



Reshaping business strategies and supporting innovation across the Alpine region


Mature small companies often find it hard to open new development paths. Alpine business support organisations can guide them to seize relaunch opportunities if they are able to provide efficient, complete services and to network effectively across the Alpine region. BE-READI ALPS trains their personnel to assist companies in spotting innovation opportunities, defining a strategy, adopting the needed digital tools, finding suitable partners across the Alps and accessing new funding options like crowdfunding. Project partners will help at least 50 companies reshape their value chains to increase competitiveness and reach new promising markets. Click below and watch some project videos, highlighting the main achievements of BE-READI ALPS.



Encouraging sustainable mobility behaviours in the Alpine region


In the Alps, people often move by private car while ignoring more sustainable means of transport. SaMBa explores new ways of leveraging rewards and pricing to trigger change in mobility behaviour. Project partners develop and test nine innovative campaigns to increase the use of low-carbon options like car-sharing, car-pooling, biking, hitchhiking and public transport. The lessons learned through these experiences are then made available to all Alpine policymakers committed to developing effective behaviour change policies. Click below and read a scientific article featuring SaMBA project learning and best practices, published by the SaMBA project partner University of Ljubljana.



Transforming industrial Alpine landspaces


In the Alps, like elsewhere, the decline of the traditional heavy and manufacturing industry has left behind impressive once-productive landscapes. These abandoned complexes can be revived and devoted to new purposes, with a transformation strategy geared to the natural, social and economic challenges each area faces. trAILS works with the local communities of 4 pilot sites to give a new life to former industrial areas and devises tools for salvaging this heritage across the Alps: a webGIS map, an assessment tool, co-design procedures and learning modules. Click below and discover the trAILs' project handbook, which provides a great overview on four project pilots in Austria, Italy, France and Slovenia.



Lowering barriers for cross-regional cooperation


The Alps are home to several innovation hot spots, but cross-sector and cross-region cooperation is still limited. As this becomes a key to creating new value chains and tapping into economic trends like circular-bioeconomy and health economy, ARDIA-NET partners have committed to create an Alpine research and development area, whose cross-regional funding framework will stimulate cooperation. In addition, partners carry out demonstrator projects to give prominence to the advantages of cross-border smart specialisation strategies. Get to know more about ARDIA-NET and watch the project video by clicking below.

News on the future: programming 2021-2027

The Interreg Alpine Space programme warmly invites you to save the dates for the following series of online events:


Connect @lpine Space 2021+

on 05, 10 and 12 May 2021

on Zoom and web streamed on www.alpine-space.eu


Inspiring key notes and panel discussions, networking opportunities, and first-hand information on the Interreg Alpine Space 2021-2027 will stimulate the development of ideas and partnerships for cooperation in the Alps.


Each 2-hour Connect @lpine Space 2021+ session will cover a topic of the future programme and can be attended independently:


05 May: How can we act for the adaptation and resilience of the Alpine region to climate change?

10 May: How can we boost circular economy for a fair and sustainable growth?

12 May: How can we foster social innovation for a green and inclusive recovery in the Alpine region?


The programme will be released in April and the registration will open mid-April. Visit our website for further information. Stay tuned!

AlpLinkBioEco Final Conference - Creating Bio-Based Value in the Alpine Space
ASIS: Alpine Social Innovation Day
BB-CLEAN: Final project meeting
ATLAS Final Conference
MoVe the Alps
SMARTVillages final conference
Connect @lpine Space 2021+ [Circular Economy]
Connect @lpine Space 2021+ [Social Innovation]
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