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Developing new low carbon transport solutions: ropeways opportunities

Specific objective
2.2 Increase options for low carbon mobility and transport
  • Green technologies Infrastructure Regional planning and development Transport and mobility Urban development
Date of submission
05 Oct 2018
Last update
08 Nov 2018
Main objectives
Cable transport is a low-carbon mode of transport, adapted to mountainous terrain and obstacles. It is a solution that can help solve the problems of mobility in the alpine area. The overall objective of the project is to achieve more cable transport projects in the Alpine space (excluding ski areas where these facilities are already established). The results of the project will contribute to: - Help the decision-makers to choose cable transport solution if it is the best adapted - Improve knowledge and image of ropeways among public and professional (rescue, transport).
Description of activities
WP1- State of the art : Return of experience of cable transport carried out or aborted WP2 - Analysis of forces, weaknesses and threats among local decision-makers and users WP3 - Insuring efficiency of the exploitation WP4 - Recommendations: elaborate and test new methodological Tools, explore tracks of innovation
Envisaged outcomes
1. Better knowing and understanding the cable transport solutions : Drawing up a WHITE BOOK, an illustrative and interactive digital tool 2. Convince : Toolbox for public entities launching a public transport with cable in order to communicate properly to the population; Potential innovation list to give to the future design engineers 3. Guide: User guide for designers up to the various concerned operators (cable transport, mobility system, land and urban planning)
Partners found
  • Territorial authorities: Département de l'Isère (Lead Partner, FR), Aoste (IT, to be confirmed)
  • Manufacturers (Doppelmayr, AT; Leitner IT; Poma, FR)
  • OITAF, International organisation for transportation by rope
  • Professional union of ropeway operators: FR, IT, SL
  • Universities: Grenoble (FR), Politecnico Torino (IT), Maribor (SL)
  • Public institutes: IRSTEA (FR), public urban planning agency (SL)
  • Services of states ministries: Transport (AT), Environment (FR)
Partners wanted in the following countries
  • Germany
Partners wanted from the following institutions
  • Local public authority
  • Regional public authority
  • Infrastructure and (public) service provider
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Contact details

Delphine, Lorin Etuy
Policy officer - European affairs, Département de l'Isère