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Promote cultural & natural heritage through sustainable Slow Tourism

Specific objective
3.1 Sustainably valorise Alpine Space cultural and natural heritage
  • Cultural heritage Education and training Multimodal transport Regional planning and development Sustainable management of natural resources Tourism Transport and mobility Urban development
Date of submission
10 Oct 2018
Last update
23 Nov 2018
Main objectives
The projects aims at identifying an integrated management model for local networks involved in slow tourism mobility, linking relevant sites with different levels of reputation from a cultural and environmental point of view. The general objective is the promotion of a type of “slow”, sustainable and intermodal mobility, in order to create a strategy for the valorization of the territories involved. The project, in particular, will support the construction of a territorial economic-touristic system, viable at transnational level. This will be characterized by a list of infrastructures of the territory that can be used as touristic leverage for the surrounding area and can support the promotion of the natural and cultural heritage of Alpine Space through dedicated touristic routes (including UNESCO sites of the territories involved).
Description of activities
- Identification of attractivity potential in the territories of the project and study for their valorisation - identification of collateral services for the valorisation of the territorial offer and inclusion of the active engagement of local citizens and of economic sector involved in territorial tourism - evaluation of the impacts within the local employment and economic system (...)
Envisaged outcomes
- Creation of new job opportunities - Increase of touristic demand in the whole area of the project - Economic growth of tourism sector - Stronger knowledge about natural and cultural heritage in the area and about the related slow tourism paths (...)
Partners found
  • Italian local public authority
Partners wanted in the following countries
  • Austria
  • France
  • Germany
  • Slovenia
Partners wanted from the following institutions
  • Local public authority
  • Regional public authority
  • National public authority
  • Sectoral agency
  • Infrastructure and (public) service provider
  • Education/training centre and school
  • Enterprise
  • SME
  • Business support organisation
Comments on partners wanted
  • Regional and public authorities, agencies, cultural associations

Contact details

Nicola, Scomparin
PM, Sinloc