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Specific objective
3.1 Sustainably valorise Alpine Space cultural and natural heritage
  • Agriculture and forestry Climate change and biodiversity Energy efficiency Governance, partnership Green technologies Institutional cooperation and cooperation networks Knowledge and technology transfer Labour market and employment Managing natural and man-made threats, risk management Regional planning and development Renewable energy Rural and peripheral development Soil and air quality Sustainable management of natural resources
Date of submission
18 Oct 2018
Last update
14 Nov 2018
Main objectives
Spina Verde Park is a Regional Natural Park in Lombardy Region (Italy). The park is very important for its cultural heritage (archeological sites, medioeval castle, first world war trenches) as well for biodivesity and ecological connectivity. It is completely surrounded by urban areas that makes it a periurban park. In the last 17 years the administration of the Park developed policies, programs and projects to enhance cultural and natural heritage in the area: now it is possible to walk along 80kms of tracks, visit more than 50 cultural sites and biotopes, sleep or eat in the facilities built. Which still need to be addressed is the quality of forests. Alien species as well as the lack of maintenance are the main problems of our woods in terms of biodiversity loss and hydrogeological hazard. Experts calculate that forestry works to afford these problems would provide a huge amount of wooden biomass. So why don't join the possibility to enhance the quality of forests raising the biodiversity and in the mean time use that biomass to produce energy for local communities?
Description of activities
involving stakeholders (chamber of commerce, woods enterprices, energy enterprices, municipalities). starting a best practice in a area which is property of the administration, projecting selected cuts to enhance the environmental quality, use the biomass to produce energy setting up a specific kind of boilers in local schools or public facilities/buildings. disseminating results as it can be reproduced in other parts of the alpine space.
Envisaged outcomes
Natural Parks in the Alpine Space, especially the ones close to cities like ours can provide ecosystemic services (quality of air and water, carbon storage, healthy recreational spaces) as well biomass to produce greener energy. We expect to build a network of urban forests/ periurban parks becoming the leaders of sustainably use of biomass to produce energy retraining, in the meantime, the forests next to our cities for a better environment.
Partners found
  • we are about to involve the local Chamber of Commerce. It will be also important to us to involve also health organization as we want also to explore ecosystemic services natural Parks in the Alpine space can provide to local communities
Partners wanted in the following countries
  • Austria
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Slovenia
Partners wanted from the following institutions
  • Local public authority
  • Regional public authority
  • National public authority
  • Sectoral agency
  • Interest groups including NGOs
  • Education/training centre and school
  • Business support organisation
Comments on partners wanted
  • hopefully Parks administrations.

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