"Susei" is the dialect name of  the Silene Vulgaris, a wild herb widely harvested and used in Valchiavenna (IT) which is sometimes also grown in home gardens.  Bovški krafi are dumplings filled with kloce – baked dry pears of the Tepka variety (Pyrus communis), served in the Bovec area as a festive dessert.  Vorarlberger Alpkäse is a hard cheese made from untreated raw milk obtained exclusively in the course of summer alpine farming in the westernmost region of Austria. 

What these have in common is the fact that they are strongly linked to the region where they are produced, are deeply connected to traditional farming practices and bear a symbolic meaning for the local communities making and consuming them. In other words, these foods and their use are the result of a whole host of traditional techniques, practices and rituals: a food related intangible cultural heritage.  

The first step to safeguard this heritage is identifying and describing it. This activity is now underway and the items are being added to the intangiblesearch online inventory: check the Alpine food heritage on the www.intangiblesearch.eu website!