Our partners from Austria held a CHEERS workshop last 12th June in Dürnstein where best practice, definitions (Austria and the Alpine Space) and past natural hazards have been discussed with the stakeholders. But the focus of the workshop was mainly on four topics:
1. The protection of cultural heritage as a topic of the professional practice 
2. The greatest challenges in the protection of cultural property in connection with natural hazards
3. The kind of support needed in the field of cultural property protection and natural hazards
4. Relevant experiences to share or recommendations to give to the project
After an intense day of confrontations among the participants, a joint tour of the old town and a working lunch concluded the workshop. 
The participants of the workshop were the Mayor of Dürnstein, the Dean of Donau-Universität Krems, Member of Europa Nostra, Commander of the Fire Brigade, Federal Monument Authority - Lower Austria Office, Centre for Medieval Studies (University Salzburg), Head of Culture & Tourism Department of the Augustinian monastery of canons Herzogenburg and the Austrian partners). They all gave an extremely positive feedback on the initiative and agreed on further cooperations with CHEERS.