Heavy rain, landslides and avalanches: in the last years, weather extremes are increasing more and more in the Alps. 
The climate change is taking us to face several challenges in the next years: how to get ready to climate change challenges? Nikolas Neubert of the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) explains how AIT researchers can use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to predict and develop actions: “the data can identify weak points in the infrastructure before the situation becomes critical. Instead of managing the weather extremes as before, we can work to prevent problems caused by heat, rain, mudflows in advance” says Nikolas Neubert.
But the focus of the researchers is not only avalanches, muds and heat: the cultural heritage is threatened by climate change, as well. Thanks to CHEERS project (Interreg Alpine Space Programme), AIT is developing a methodology of safeguarding of cultural heritage based on digital technologies, that is being tested on the Hofburg in Innsbruck and the Ambras Castle.
The aim is to better protect Alpine heritage from natural disasters, the effects of climate change and natural hazards. AIT researchers are using their new "City Intelligence Lab" to develop scenarios for emergency planning and rescue work in the event of floods, heavy rain or storms.
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