On Friday, 08.11.2019 an AlpBioEco Open Innovation Workshop took place at the Innovation and Technology Centre (ITZ, Innocamp) in the City of Sigmaringen, Germany. After a short introduction by Oliver Som and Lucas Huter from the Management Centre Innsbruck, Austria, the AlpBioEco-project was presented by AlpBioEco project coordinator Gloria Kraus. About 20 interdisciplinary experts from Germany went into a creative process and developed walnut business models in four groups. On the basis of eco-innovative walnut product ideas which were developed in the previous workshops, sustainable walnut value chain designs for the Alpine region were developed in common. Four new business models have been conceptualized. „These new business models have the potential to create new, sustainability-oriented jobs in the Alpine region!“, said Christin Wolrath, head of the Innovation and Technology Centre (ITZ) Sigmaringen who attended the AlpBioEco-Workshop as a partipant. We’d like to thank all participants for the competent support! Currently the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University at Sigmaringen, Germany and the Management Centre Innsbruck, Austria are evaluating the results which will be published at a later date. Let’s keep in touch!

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