Private investors and business angels are usually quite keen to finance start-ups and their innovative ideas. However, the use of alternative financial instruments for SMEs still represents only a very small proportion of their overall financing.

Factoring, crowdfunding and business angels’ activities can provide an important source of funding also for more mature companies that want to “get readi” for innovation and launch their second life through new opportunities in an open innovation perspective.

This is the premise of the BE-READI Breakfast organized by our partner bwcon in Stuttgart last Monday. Valentina Grillea and Melisa Özkan explained the innovative process offered by the project’s BE-READI Points, before leaving the floor to Daniel Welzer, Head of Business Unit and Chairman of the Executive Board of W&W brandpool.

bwcon used its event series “VC Lunch”, where they use to invite one speaker to give a speech about their investment area. These speakers come from different industries and tell about their experiences in investing in a start-up. The audience included other investors as well as startups and business support organizations.

On 20 January, the speaker was Daniel Welzer, Head of Business Unit and Chairman of the Executive Board of W&W brandpool. The W&W brandpool is the digital unit of the W&W Group. It invests in innovative, digital business models and helps customers to fulfill their desire for individual development with the greatest possible security.

The focus during the event is on digital business models from the areas of housing, finance, health, family, education and mobility. Customer-oriented solutions, agility and diverse customer interfaces are our motor. This creates an ecosystem of decentralized and independent brands, within which a network for exchanging know-how and mutual lead generation takes place.