Innovation plays a central role in the economic policy debate and is crucial for competitiveness and prosperity of a region. The Chamber of Commerce of Bozen is well aware of its importance, that is why it started its BE-READI Breakfast on 20 January by presenting a report on the innovation status of South Tyrol. Nicola Riz (Institute for Economic Research) gave some insights about different perspectives, before leaving the floor to the director of the office responsible for the project, Luca Filippi, and Monika Frenes, that introduced their stakeholders to the project BE-READI Alps.

The event then turned into an active and dynamic roundtable about the project: the participants formed three groups and each group was assigned to a different flipchart: ideas, suggestion and critical points of the project; new BE-READI points; synergies with on-going projects.

The discussions within the three groups were coordinated by Julian Lombardo, Luca Filippi and Monika Frenes, respectively. The active participation and interest of the stakeholders brought up interesting insights, providing the office with important advices and a diverse point of view on the matter.