After South Tyrol, Baden-Württemberg and Styria, the project has started to set roots also in Italy, where Veneto Innovazione and Unioncamere Veneto presented the expected activities and results to a selected target of regional stakeholders. Mrs. Lazzari – PM of the project – welcomed the guests by stressing the importance of transnational cooperation and open innovation, while Mrs. Maria Sole D’Orazio presented in detail the project BE-READI ALPS.

Mrs D’Orazio underlined that the Be Readi Points could be more than one within a Region in order to create a network of qualified contacts and to identify the opportunities for new partnership.

The event represented above all a chance to start a first discussion to validate the business approach model, to enhance the services already present in the area in a collaborative perspective and launch the scouting activity aimed at companies and service providers.

Participants underlined the importance to have an integrated approach towards the companies and to valorise the different know how and experience in order to make the region more innovative, environmentally friendly, better connected and contribute to an improved governance.