With the completion of WPT1 - Knowledge building activities and related outputs, the BB-CLEAN project finally released the “Biomass chain knowledge platform”. The biomass chain knowledge platform, to be intended as the information base for the development of all others project activities and as an awareness raising tool for public and private stakeholders, will contribute to better linking between the different actors involved in the biomass chain. More aware public and private stakeholders will be better integrated into strategies development, toolbox & platform implementation during project life and beyond.

More in depth, the platform is a comprehensive repository of knowledge composed by six different documents touching all topics related to the biomass chain: from the biomass production, with a special focus on local availability and main market characteristics in project pilot areas, to the biomass burning carbon emissions in domestic heating, with particular regards to their impact on air quality in Alpine regions.

Among these two extremes the platform includes the others fundamentals links of the chain: a booklet on best available technologies (BAT) in domestic heating powered with wood log, wood chips and pellet, and two in-depth surveys on economical/financials instruments and regulations adopted in different regions and countries around the Alpine Space.

Finally, the knowledge platform has been enhanced with the so-called EEA-Tool. A specific instrument conceived by BB-CLEAN in order to evaluate, from the transnational point of view, financials instruments and regulations adopted in BB sector in different Alpine Space regions. Starting form this tool it will be possible for policy makers and experts perform a first evaluation of new or improved measures in biomass burning (BB) sector, thus making possible a better appreciation of the related effects and benefits prior to its implementation.

The knowledge platform is available on the BB-CLEAN web site at the following link: