Sustainable use and management of non native trees in the alpine region


  • iNaturalist „Train the Trainers” Workshop

    We are pleased to invite you to our ALPTREES iNaturalist Train the Trainer Webinar, organized by the ALPTREES team. The meeting will be held in English language with breakdown sessions in English and Italian.The Webinar will take place on Thursday, on 22nd of April 2021 from 3pm to 4.30 pm CET

  • Release of the Podcast about Citizen Science

    How many non native tree species can be found in the Alpine region - Is the number increasing? Who observes sightings of pest insects and signs of diseases in forests, occurrences that can threaten tree populations and local biodiversity - Only foresters, scientists and experts?

  • Digital ALPTREES Conference 2021

    Sustainable Use and Management of Non-Native Trees in Urban, Peri-Urban and Forest Ecosystems in the Alpine Region

  • Newsletter 4, December 2020

    Stakeholder Workshop in Škofja Loka in Slovenia. The ALPTREES children’s Tree song and video, won the #EUinmyregion Storytelling award. The ALPTREES Webinar took place 5th, November 2020.

  • 1st Gorenjska regional Workshop

    1st Gorenjska regional Workshop, november 25th, 2020 in slovenian language.