Sustainable use and management of non native trees in the alpine region


Blogs give us the opportunity to go more into detail about our research and it's fruitful outcome.

Members of the ALPTREES team as well as external experts share their work in the sense of a broader perspective which can include personal stories, views and narrations about failure, success and the passion behind our research on non native tree species.

You may be familiar with the silver fir, which is native to the Alpine Space, or the Nordmann fir, which you might have decorated for Christmas, but there are so many more fir tree species to explore –56 different fir species, to be exact. Katharna Lapin about the variety of the fir tree.
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The urban area of Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee covers an area of about 120 km², whereas 21,7 % fall upon built up zones. About the utilisation and management of urban woodlands around the City of Klagenfurt written by Regine Hradetzky at the municipality of Klagenfurt, Regine Hradetzky
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Patricia Detry from Cerema about the importance of integrating ecosystem services into landscape management, decision-making and policy development is widely acknowledged as fostering the sustainable use of natural resources. Mountain regions often represent important water suppliers for people living in large cities in the adjacent lowland areas or for people who use nearby green spaces for recreational activities, or the sequestration of greenhouse gas emissions by forests is of global relevance,  Patricia Detry
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FVA establishes first comprehensive Database on non native tree species in the Alpine Space, Anja Bindewald & Anja Müller-Meißner
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Investigating tree-ring phenology, Patrick McClatchy
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What is a Non-Native Tree, Katharina Lapin
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The Importance of Deadwood, Janine Oettel
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Assisted migration: Three lines of defense for sustaining forest ecosystem services in climate change, Reneema Hazarika
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