Developing an Alpine Space Research, Development and Innovation Area by lowering barriers for cross-regional cooperation

ARDIA-Net aims to develop a multi-level, multi-national, coherent RDI area for the AS (Alpine RDI Area – ARDIA). ARDIA is incorporated in a smart way into already existing governance structures, to improve the framework conditions for cross-regional and cross-sectoral cooperation addressing common economic opportunities. The regions jointly design and implement a cross-regional funding framework and adjacent demonstrator projects targeting the development of AS for future cross-border S3-implementation, providing crucial solutions to macroregional governance in support of sustainable development, knowledge transfer and innovation in the AS.

  • Development of a coherent strategy for a common governance structure in a borderless Alpine RDI area (ARDIA). The analysis of previous and existing cross-border schemes and multi-level governance systems in Europe is carried out, also analysing the current obstacles and the specific AS opportunities for new value chains and emerging industries related to circular bioeconomy and health-economy.


  • Development of the blueprint for a synchronised S3 RDI funding scheme. Dedicated guidance is developed for a synchronised funding scheme for RDI projects addressing the development of AS. The thematic scope (circular bioeconomy and health-economy) is implemented by combining priority areas defined in regional S3 and reflecting EUSALP macroregional S3 synergies (e.g. digitisation, health, materials, farming).


  • Consolidation of built capacities of governance structures for implementing demonstrator calls and ready-to-use projects for AS in circular-bioeconomy and health economy by a ARDIA actors’ network. Demonstrator missions for AS are implemented through synchronised demonstrator calls and ready-to-use-projects, aiming at generating critical mass for transformation, are developed as innovation markers for the sustainable development in the AS. The capacities of governance structures are further enhanced through dedicated training on cross-sectoral and cross-regional cooperation and are consolidated in a durable network.