Developing an Alpine Space Research, Development and Innovation Area by lowering barriers for cross-regional cooperation

T1: Analysis of Framework Conditions

ARDIA-Net T1 aims at designing a blueprint for a cross-regional Alpine Space RDI funding scheme to make use of the potential of regional S3 to foster innovation, economic growth and job creation in the fields of circular bioeconomy and health economy. It introduces a funding framework for future cross-regional and interdisciplinary RDI projects enhancing Value Chain inter-connection, investments, commercialisation, realising ESIF-H2020 synergies and ultimately upscaling mission-oriented AS efforts through S3 cooperation in transformative fields addressing circular bioeconomy and health economy opportunities.

T2: Capacity Building and Piloting

T2 aims to actively involve and engage policy makers, regional public authorities and funding authorities to demonstrate and discuss the need and the funding scheme for cross-regional and cross-sectoral S3 cooperation. The training on cross-sectoral and cross-regional S3 cooperation opportunities allows the elaboration of demonstrator calls and demonstrator projects, as input and impulse for the coherent strategy for a common governance structure developed in WP T3.

T3: Establishment of a durable ARDIA network

T3 aims at establishing a durable network of Alpine actors to implement a coherent common funding scheme governance structure. WPT3 provides an inventory of good practices, benefits and challenges. The ARDIA network provides a platform for setting up and develop a validated road map for implementation by involving motivated and committed stakeholders.

C: Communication

The Communication strategy targets policymakers, industry and research institutes, professional associations, cluster organisations of the circular bio-based economy and health-economy (CBH). The Dissemination Plan of ARDIA-Net aims to promote the project scope which is to focus on the implementation of improved policy tools and understanding of integrated well government in the Alpine space.