Developing an Alpine Space Research, Development and Innovation Area by lowering barriers for cross-regional cooperation

Confindustria Lombardia.

It is the Lombardy Entrepreneurial Federation representing 13,000 companies, interested in fostering S3 interregional synergies, enhancing competitiveness with interregional value chains and industrial R&I projects.  In the ARDIA-Net project, it will provide enterprises contribution on S3, support exploitation in Lombardy’s companies and innovation ecosystem stakeholders, technological clusters, universities and Digital Innovation Hub, EEN, Alpine Manufacturing associations.

Office of the Upper Austrian Provincial Government Directorate for Regional Planning, Economic and Rural Development Department Economy and Research

The Department for Economy & Research and European regional funding & development are interested in the development of a synchronised trans-regional and cross-sectoral funding scheme for the improvement of S3 implementation. In the ARDIA-Net project, they will be involved in the design of the blueprint for a cross-regional Alpine Space RDI funding scheme, workshops, partnership building meetings and the Policy Action Forum.

Bavarian Expert Council on Bio-Economy

It advises the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic and Regional Development on the further development of the bioeconomy. As an independent advisory body, it makes recommendations and provides impulses for the development of a Bavarian bioeconomy strategy. In the ARDIA -Net project it will support a transnational RDI funding program for bioeconomy by identifying options and topics to crosslink the Bavarian bioeconomy community in the Alpine Region.

Lombardy Region. Directorate of Territory and Civil Protection – Urban and spatial planning Unit

The Directorate is involved in several complimentary Interreg projects focused on improving regional innovation policies and capacities by fostering stakeholder cooperation. It promotes S3 strategy implementation and regional innovation capacity. In the ARDIA-Net project, it will be engaged in setting up of new methods for improved policies in the circular economy and bioeconomy fields.

Ecoplus. The Business Agency of Lower Austria

As privately run agency with decades of experience, with a highly-specialized team and an expansive network, it offer tailored services to your business. With 18 business parks throughout Lower Austria, it also provide first-class business locations for companies.  Ecoplus is interested in learning from the ARDIA project regarding the development of cross-border/ interregional governance structures supporting cooperation along the smart specialization strategies of participating regions.

Bayern Innovativ Ltd.

With his Projekträger Bayern it is a funding authority for the Bavarian government, currently managing 11 programs. Interest is the S3-based synchron. of funding programs, training tools for funding authorities, SMEs, transnational networks. Bayern Innovativ with his Projekträger Bayern will advise ARDIA-Net with expertise as regional funding authority. It participates in key events, contributes to the debate, and transfers project results to the regions’ government.

Development Agency FDA

FDA is responsible for the deployment of the canton of Fribourg’s regional development strategy, which relies on the development of cross-regional transformative activities, notably targeting new development opportunities arising from the bioeconomy.  As regional development agency, FDA will use the project outputs to strengthen the cross-regional implementation of its development strategy, and thus support the project in the establishment of an Alpine RDI Area, including the canton of Fribourg.

Ministry for Economy, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg Unit 37 – ERDF Governance (European Regional Development Fund)

The Ministry is responsible for the country's economic policies. The tasks include, among other things, the promotion of the economy, in particular the medium-sized economy, as well as business-related research. Its special interest is focused on information and potential tools for cross-regional S3-based synchronization and alignment of funding programs.

Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

Innovation and S3 are key aspects of the Swiss New Regional Policy (NPR) implemented by SECO and the cantons. The project’s aim of developing ARDIA for tailor-made S3 cooperation can bring important inputs for the future development of the NPR. As Project Observer, SECO benefits from project outputs and can contribute to policy dissemination and strategic planning.