Developing an Alpine Space Research, Development and Innovation Area by lowering barriers for cross-regional cooperation

BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH

BIOPRO Baden-Wurttemberg GmbH, as a state-owned agency, focuses on bioeconomy, biotechnology and healthcare in the state of BW. It has an extensive experience in the management of complex multi-stakeholder projects with clusters, networks, politics, companies and academia (regional & international), resulting in a long track record in supporting innovation by pooling competences. As a key player in BW for bioeconomy, BIOPRO has a long-term experience in establishing new value chains.  BIOPRO has experience as project partner in the Interreg project AlpLinkBioEco and ARPAF project CirculAlps, and as lead partner in DanuBioValNet project.

Role in the project

BIOPRO represents the Lead Partner of the ARDIA-Net project and the Co-Lead of WP T1 and WP T3.

SC Sviluppo chimica S.p.A.

SC Sviluppo Chimica is a service company totally owned by Federchimica, the Italian Federation of the Chemical Industry, that is a member of Confindustria, the General Confederation of the Italian Industry, and CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council. SC competences include the elaboration of guidelines in economic, industrial and trade union matters and in the areas of environment, innovation and energy policies; it promotes these policies with Competent Authorities, SMEs, Institutions, Large Groups. Furthermore, SC contributes to the constant promotion of the level of quality of the actors involved in the AS, with a particular attention to the organization of initiatives in the field of innovation. SC has experience in various EU-funded projects: SPICE3, BIOLINX, LIFE-Tralkyl, NANOFORCE, CARE+ and ChemMultimodal.

Role in the project

SC is Co-Lead of WP T2. SC will promote joint-collaboration activities and the implementation of demonstrator calls towards the increase of sustainable chemical technologies and raw materials.

Business Upper Austria – OÖ Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH

Business Upper Austria (Biz-up), the business agency of the Upper Austrian government, is an innovation driver and a partner for location development and settlement of companies, cooperation and public funding advisory services (European, national and regional funds). On behalf of the Upper Austrian Government it coordinates the development and implementation of Upper Austria´s RIS3 Strategy since 1998. Further Biz-up manages nine Clusters/Networks with about 2200 member companies. Key skills are Advanced Manufacturing, Circular Bio Economy, Lightweight construction, Connected Mobility, Smart Materials, Digital MedTech and Food Technologies. The Cleantech-Cluster represents the platform for environmental technology and energy technology companies in Upper Austria, forming an interface between companies, research and educational institutions, decision-makers and users. It initiates, promotes and coordinates the cooperation of about 250 partners. The MedTech-Cluster is the leading med-tech network in Austria with approx. 230 partners. It is the main interface between industry, science and medicine.

Biz-up has strong experience in participating and managing EU co-financed projects, e.g. Interreg AS projects: S3-4Alpclusters, AlpLinkBioEco; Interreg Central Europe: Nuclei, InnPeerAVM, ECOS4IN; Interreg DT: Moveco; Interreg Austria-Bavaria: IlBitz.

Role in the project

Biz-up actively contributes to all work package activities and leads WP T2. WPT2 aims to involve policy makers, public- and funding authorities. Therefore, trainings will be designed and executed with input of WPT1.

Poly4EmI hosted by Anteja ECG d.o.o.

Anteja is hosting the Poly4EmI Initiative that brings together regional actors active in bio-based industry. Poly4EmI Initiative promotes the transition to bioeconomy through cross-fertilization of sectors and digitalization of value chains by ensuring that results of bio-related projects e.g. new policy tools, analysis, cases studies, projects ideas, services S3 are further developed and resulted in new cross-regional value chains. Anteja is specialized in value chains, related clusters, and bio-related policies, strategies and programs. The constant focus on market-oriented bio-based value chains resulted in most advanced methods and tools that proved to be instrumental for emerging bio-based industries and were used in recent bio-based initiatives supported by EU, WB and institutions at micro-region and worldwide. Poly4EmI/Anteja has experience in various EU-funded projects: S3-4AlpClusters, DanuBioValNet, AlpLinkBioEco, ClusteriX, Poly4EmI, CluStrat.

Role in the project

Poly4EmI/Anteja Leads WP T3 and actively contributes to all work package activities. WP T3 aims at establishing a durable network of Alpine actors and at designing the Multi-level funding scheme.

Bavarian Research Alliance GmbH

As part of the Bavarian S3, BayFOR’s mission is to provide support and advice in acquiring EU funding for RDI. As partner within the Enterprise Europe Network, BayFOR offers additional services to Bavarian companies, especially SMEs, interested in European RDI projects. BayFOR is also partner of several EU projects (Interreg, FP7 & H2020), e.g. in Interreg AS project S3-4AlpClusters. BayFOR has close contact to funding authorities of the regional government. Projektträger Bayern is a partner of BayFOR in the Bavarian Research and Innovation Agency. BayFOR has a strong experience in policy advisory as well as training and enabling policy makers in adopting innovative concepts.

BayFOR has experience as partner or management subcontractor in various Interreg projects, such as 3-4AlpClusters, MOVECO, AlpBC, GeoMol and WinAlp BayFOR. The experience gained through S3-4AlpClusters will be useful to ARDIA-Net development.

Role in the project

BayFOR contributes to all WPs and co-leads W PT1 and WP T2. BayFOR and its Observer Projektträger Bayern, both part of the Bavarian Research & Innovation Agency, will act as pilot funding authorities for ARDIA program.

Innovation and Technology Transfer Salzburg GmbH

As Salzburg’s regional development agency, ITG coordinates and implements the technology-, innovation-related policies of the regional government especially through SME support, SME Cluster Networks (RIS3-based) and knowledge/ technology transfer into SMEs. It provides know-how in the realization of innovative projects and business creation, fosters collaboration, activates regional hubs and provides consulting services. Businesses are accompanied throughout their entire innovation processes. ITG is a non-profit organization and no economic activities are performed on the market. The government of Salzburg and ITG Salzburg operate as a task force to develop, accompany and carry through the measures of implementation of S3 in the region of Salzburg. The active participation of ITG in the S3-4AlpClusters project was considered as a crucial and important aspect for strengthening Salzburg’s international orientation and expansion of coordination and cooperation activities. ITG has experience as Lead Partner in F&I Netzwerk Alpines Bauen and partner in INTERREG Alpine Space: S3-4AlpClusters, DesAlps, Smart Space, Things+; Central Europe: DigiTrans.

Role in the project

ITG will together with 2 other partners lead the activity: Capacity Building for implementing Demonstrator Projects. ITG will be responsible for the identification of Demonstrator Projects for the Implementation of the Demonstrator Call.

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland – School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg

The School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg is member of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland. Through its applied R&D department, it significantly contributes to drive innovation and raise the academic, technological and economic standing of the region. It concentrates long-standing expertise in developing cluster initiatives and managing partnerships and interactions between the stakeholders of the regional innovation system. As lead partner of the Interreg VB projects S3-4AlpClusters and AlpLinkBioEco, it is in charge of relevant cross-regional cooperation in the fields of smart specialization strategies (S3) and bioeconomy. It is actively involved in the canton of Fribourg’s regional development strategy and contributes to the 2020-2023 program of the New Regional Policy supporting the development of transformative activities, notably targeting new development opportunities arising from digitization, smart territories and bioeconomy. HES-SO//FR HEIA-FR was lead partner in Interreg VB Alpine Space S3-4AlpClusters and is currently lead partner in Interreg VB Alpine Space AlpLinkBioEco. Previously, it participated in Alps4EU and AlpsClusters2020 as partner.

Role in the project

HES-SO//FR HEIA-FR leads WP T1 together with BayFOR & BIOPRO. Within WP T1 it is responsible for activity A.T1.2. Furthermore, it participates in all other WPs.

Lombardy Green Chemistry Association

Established in 2013 on the initiative of the Regional Government, LGCA is intended to promote the development of bioeconomy and green economy in Lombardy. The region benefits from a strong manufacturing sector, a significant supply of biomass, a competitive agriculture, robust R&D&I, an efficient infrastructure and one of the richest end markets in Europe. LGCA links all major players and represents the ideal access point for all foreign partners interested in fostering their cooperation with Lombardy. LGCA is a member of the National Technology Cluster of Green Chemistry SPRING. LGCA contributes to the development of Lombard Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3), to strengthen innovation and competitiveness by transforming economic structures through the identification of local excellence and development of new combinations of existing capacities in green chemistry and bioeconomy fields. LGCA is partner of the AlpLinkBioEco project, funded by the Interreg-Alpine Space Programme. LGCA as the regional point of reference of the Lombard bioeconomy, promotes the interregional cooperation by leading the Vanguard Initiative's “Bioeconomy Pilot”.

Role in the project

LGCA is the Communication Leader. Its main tasks are: the development of the communication Plan; design and manage promotional and digital activities; organization of workshops and public events, final conference and final publication following greening principle. It also will contribute in other Work packages implementation.