Developing an Alpine Space Research, Development and Innovation Area by lowering barriers for cross-regional cooperation

Main results

ARDIA-Net results in an increased institutional capacity, able to target common challenges in the AS. It enhances governance structures to implement S3 cross-regionally and exploit the innovation potential of AS, by putting together regional excellences and formulating joint project calls. It allows the establishment of a common approach to address sustainable development opportunities specific to the AS. The joint funding framework stimulates the development of AS through synchronized calls and pilot projects, increasing critical capacities for transformation. It thus contributes to closing the funding gap for cross-regional cooperation, targeting the transition from applied research to market.


ARDIA-Net will produce the following outputs:

  • A coherent strategy for an ARDIA common multi-level governance system, enabling S3 cross-regional cooperation of policy makers, public authorities and funding authorities for the development of a common funding scheme
  • Blueprint for a synchronized S3 RDI funding scheme, providing administrative and thematic scope of the funding framework
  • Demonstrator calls and projects for a synchronised Alpine RDI area as available implementation elements for prompt piloting
  • Training on cross-sectoral and cross-regional S3 cooperation opportunities for policy makers, regional public authorities and funding authorities
  • Strategy for the establishment of a durable and upgradeable ARDIA network of relevant actors beyond the lifetime of the project