• Open Data and Open Maps for Heritage Protection International conference, Bellinzona , 21st Feb 2020

    The international conference – hosted in Castelgrande, Bellinzona – focuses on the existing data and maps about heritage and natural hazards. It envisions scenarios to potentiates the interoperability and use of these data and maps for heritage protection. The official language of the conference is English.

  • Cultural heritage tackles the climate change challenge

    The cultural sector discusses about the measures to take against the climate crisis at the 25th United Nations World Climate Conference (2-13 December, Madrid), while the new Directorate-General for Risk Prevention, Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Coordination kicks off in Italy.

  • The 4th CHEERS Partners' meeting in Austria

    The 4th meeting of the project Cheers took place in Innsbruck on 12th-14th November 2019 and was hosted by the Austrian Research Centre for Forest. Observers joined the meeting to discuss the results achieved and the next steps for the coming project phase.

  • CHEERS on the Tiroler Tageszeitung

    Heavy rain, landslides and avalanches: in the last years, weather extremes are increasing more and more in the Alps. The article speaks about AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology) and the development of new solutions to climate change disasters in the cities. CHEERS is mentioned, as well, in relation to the development of a safeguarding method of cultural heritage based on digital technologies.

  • CHEERS @ LIFE FRANCA conference in Trento

    The activities of CHEERS have been presented at the International Conference organized by the LIFE FRANCA, a European project that promotes flood risk anticipation and communication in the Alps.