• Online steering and technical committee meeting

    Next 19/06 partners will discuss the state of the art, main outcomes and planning finalisation.

  • Transnational working groups meeting

    On June the 16th 2020 partners will meet online for a transnational working groups meeting.

  • Feedback to the EU Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) on Circular Economy

    To tackle increasingly complex climate and environmental challenges, the EU has launched major initiatives such as the European Green Deal and EU Circular Economy Action Plan 2 to decouple economic growth from resource extraction and transition to the circular economy. As part of these wide-scale societal transformations, adopting a systemic approach to conducting research and innovation will be key to the circular economy transition.

  • The first transnational working group meeting

    On the 1st of April partners and experts on circular economy and digitalisation met online to establish the transnational working groups that would support circular economy with digitalization processes.

  • The transnational working group on value recovery models

    The transnational working group on value recovery models first met in an online meeting on April 1st in a rather preliminary setting. In order to prepare a solid basis on which to start off as a working group, only project partners met to gain a common understanding on value-recovery business models, to discuss the roadmap ahead and to explore the background and industry sectors of future working group members.